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Partnerships for Success (PFS) Fidelity Checklists

The five (5) fidelity checklists will be used for measuring each coalition’s fidelity to the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF).

Community Level Instrument – Revised (CLI-R)

These are resources to main CLI-R documents for which the representative designated for entering, and submitting your coalition’s data should become familiar with. This includes content guidance for challenging sections and items, question 33 worksheet to help organize responses, common errors, and other training material to help with correct data entry.

Detailed Information for Alaska PFS Coalitions

This is key information providing guidance to Alaska PFS to use in the CLI-R data submission process.

Program Evaluation for Prevention – Contract (PEP-C)

The PEP-C team manages the Management Reporting Tool (MRT) database which is used for cross-site evaluations of PFS efforts. The CLI-R is the primary tool used to: evaluate implementation of the SPF process, capacity changes, and types of interventions implemented; assess obstacles to the implementation of the SPF; identify interventions and approaches that are most effective; and examine collaborations that support successful interventions.

  • Partnerships for Success (PFS) Knowledge Base
    This is the comprehensive hub linked to CLI-R training materials, including question worksheets, FAQ, data collection tools, and other helpful training specific to the PFS initiative. Click the red Technical Assistance link in the right corner of any page in the MRT to access the PEP-C Knowledge Base portal.
  • PEP-C Management Reporting Tool (MRT) Login
    This is where you create log in and passwords to grant access to coalition representatives to the MRT to submit your coalition’s CLI-R data. Make sure to update this section when contact information changes, or let DETAL know if you need assistance adding or changing contacts.