FASD Diagnostic Team Evaluation Project


In 2000, the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) applied to, and received funding from, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) to support a statewide Alaska FAS Prevention Project. The project ran from 2000-2005.

This project had several components, including: the establishment of a statewide Office of FAS; funding for the development of several FAS Multidisciplinary Community Diagnostic Teams for screening children at high risk for FASD; prevention of FASD; interventions targeted to high-risk women and families; delivery of services and treatment to families and individuals already diagnosed with FASD.


As part of the conditions of funding the statewide Alaska FAS Prevention Project, SAMHSA required that the project be evaluated by an independent team of evaluators. This evaluation contract was awarded to the Center for Human Development (CHD) at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), with the request that the evaluation be conducted by an interdisciplinary team of evaluators from across the UAA campus.

Staff at CHD subsequently selected various professionals from the UAA community to build the Evaluation Team and to divide the work involved in the evaluation of the Alaska FAS Prevention Project.The Alaska Comprehensive and Specialized Evaluation Services (ACSES), the evaluation branch of the Behavioral Health Research and Services (as CBHRS was then known) was one of the groups approached by CHD to participate in the evaluation, and to evaluate the FASD Diagnostic Team development and establishment process specifically.

The diagnostic teams, perhaps the most central aspect of the Alaska FAS Prevention Project overall, were envisioned by the State Office of FAS to fulfill several missions. Funding of their applications was contingent on clear plans to provide prevention, intervention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment.In The screening and diagnosis for FASDs among children in State custody was mandated. Initially, 13 diagnostic teams were identified and received funding to sponsor their development.

The ACSES-developed Diagnostic Evaluation Plan began in 2002 and was completed in 2006.

The Diagnosis Evaluation Plan (DEP) has involved the investigation of diagnostic services through the broad goals listed below. These were carefully tailored and operationalized for the specific purposes of the evaluation project.

  1. Collection of data relevant to short-term process, impact, and outcome;
  2. Provision of ongoing formative feedback (utilization-focused process evaluation);
  3. Collection of data relevant to long-term outcomes;
  4. Provision of outcome-related feedback (utilization-focused outcome evaluation); and
  5. Contribution to the detailed documentation of the Alaska FAS Project that can be shared with other communities and states.

This project was completed and the final report submitted to the State of Alaska Office of FAS in 2006. If you have questions about this project, please direct them to the FASD Project Coordinator at the State of Alaska Division of Behavioral Health. Current staff at CBHRS did not participate in this project and are not able answer any questions that relate to it.

Technical Reports

ACSES provided reports of their evaluations k to the State of Alaska Office of FAS. These reports have detailed information about all functional diagnostic teams in the state of Alaska, historical information about FASD prevention and intervention efforts in Alaska, and data about means of making FASD diagnoses used across the nation.

Requests for copies of reports not listed here should be directed to the FASD Project Coordinator at the State of Alaska Division of Behavioral Health. Copies of these reports are in PDF format only; no hard copies are available.

Technical Report #8: Review of Diagnostic Methods (PDF, 138KB)

Technical Report #9: Cataloging of Historical and Current Legislative Decisions, Medical Practices and Agency Policies Regarding FAS (PDF, 105KB)

Technical Report #10: Summary Report of the Alaska Multidisciplinary FAS Diagnostic Team Data (PDF, 138KB)

Technical Report #12: Fiscal Year 2003 Quarter One Summary Report of the Alaska Multidisciplinary FAS Diagnostic Team Data (PDF, 128KB)

Technical Report #18: Matrix Analysis of the Charting Methods Used by the FASD Diagnostic Teams in the State of Alaska (PDF, 226KB)

Technical Report #19: Matrix Analysis of Assessment Tools Used by the FASD Diagnostic Teams in the State of Alaska (PDF, 164KB)

Technical Report #20: Matrix Analysis of Satisfaction Measures Used by the FASD Diagnostic Teams in the State of Alaska (PDF, 79KB)

Technical Report #25: Ethnographic Update Report of the Alaska Multidisciplinary FASD Teams (PDF, 2.75MB)

Technical Report #28: Cost of the FASD Diagnostic Process in Alaska (PDF, 284KB)

Technical Report #30: Matrix Analysis Update of the FASD Diagnostic Teams in the State of Alaska (PDF, 120KB)

Technical Report #31: (Teamwork Manual) Developing a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Team (PDF, 1.14MB)

Technical Report #32: Summary Report of the Alaska Multidisciplinary FASD Diagnostic Team Data (PDF, 65KB)

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