The Cool 100 now available

A new book, The Cool 100, published by the Technical University of Denmark, features a chapter by energy economists Tobias Schwörer and Ginny Fay of ISER and Dennis Meiners of Intelligent Energy Systems. The chapter, “The Chaninik Wind Group,” describes an innovative collaboration among village utilities in four southwest Alaska communities. With state and federal funds, the communities are building wind-diesel smart grid systems that have the potential to supply a large share of community electricity and also provide considerable energy for heating or other uses.  The Chaninik Wind Group is the first organization to develop such systems for an isolated grid in a remote arctic area.…

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Broadband Policies for the North

Heather Hudson gave a presentation on “Broadband Policies for the North” for the Anchorage chapter of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) on November 16. Her presentation can be found here.

Her presentation can be found here.…

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ISER has 50 years as state’s think tank

In its November 23 edition, the Alaska Journal of Commerce reports on ISER’s 50 years as an public policy research organization.

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