Lunchtime Talk: Establishing a Social License to Operate: Issues and Opportunities for Mining Sector Governance

Jason Prno, a PhD candidate at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, will discuss why mineral developers today need “social licenses to operate.” A social license is society’s broad approval and acceptance of a mining project, and developing such a social license can help companies avoid the substantial problems that can result from community protest and disapproval. But there are complexities in establishing social licenses, and Jason Prno will discuss those in the context of mining case studies from the Yukon, Alaska, Peru, and Papua New Guinea.

When: Tuesday, April 24, 12 to 1
Where: Conference Room, Fifth Floor, Diplomacy Building, 4500 Diplomacy Drive. Free parking.

Download the PDF announcement (204KB).

Download the presentation (1.02MB).

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Trends in Alaska Salmon Markets

Learn about recent trends in Alaska’s salmon markets, forces driving the dramatic recovery in salmon prices over the past decade, and factors likely to affect the future for Alaska salmon. That’s all in a recent presentation by Gunnar Knapp, professor of economics at ISER, at ComFish Alaska, the state’s largest commercial fisheries trade show, held annually in Kodiak.

See the full presentation (2.3MB).…

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$125,000 from Northrim Bank to continue Investing for Alaska’s Future Initiative

On April 4, Northrim Bank made a gift of $125,000 to ISER for continued funding of the special research initiative, Investing for Alaska’s Future. That brings to more than $500,000 the total Northrim has provided ISER since 2004 for that research, which is directed by Scott Goldsmith, professor of economics. The work is intended to help Alaskans better understand the relationship between government policies and economic development, inform investment decisions, and monitor state economic and fiscal conditions.

To learn more about the initiative, click here.…

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Learn About Canada, the United States, and the Arctic: A History of Cooperation and Prospects for the Future

Podcasts are now available of presentations by Whitney Lackenbauer of the University of Waterloo in Ontario  at UAA on March 27. He is one of Canada’s leading scholars on contemporary Arctic sovereignty and security issues. At ISER he discussed Canadian and American perceptions about the Arctic since the 19th century, and suggested approaches for Canada-U.S. collaboration in the 21st century. Later he participated in an afternoon roundtable discussion led by Willie Hensley, UAA’s Visiting Distinguished Professor of Business and Public Policy, in the UAA Commons. Dr. Lackenbauer’s visit was made possible by a partnership between the Canadian Consulate and UAA.

ISER talk (74:28min, 68MB)

Roundtable discussion (101:19min, 93MB)…

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Laurence Smith on The New North, April 12, 7 pm

UAA’s University Honors College, Community Technical College, and ISER  invite you to a lecture by Laurence Smith, vice-chair and professor of geography at UCLA, on Thursday, April 12, at 7 p.m. in Arts 150.

Dr. Smith, who is also a professor of earth and space sciences, will be speaking on “The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization’s Northern Future.” This is the theme of his recent book, which was also featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal on “The New North.”

For more information, see the flyer (1.11MB).…

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