Gunnar Knapp Receives Marine Research Award

Gunnar Knapp, ISER’s director and a long-time fisheries economist, has received the 2016 Marine Research Award, from the Alaska Sealife Center in Seward. It is one of several Alaska Ocean Leadership Awards the center awards annually to those who contribute, in various ways, to awareness about and sustainability of Alaska’s marine resources. The Marine Research Award is given specifically for “an original breakthrough contribution to any field of scientific knowledge about Alaska’s oceans.” Dr. Knapp was recognized for the extensive research he has done over more than 25 years, looking at fisheries management and seafood markets in Alaska and elsewhere, and for the relationships he has built with people in all sectors of the seafood industry. The award is sponsored by Dr. Clarence Pautzke and Dr. Maureen McCrea.

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Survey of Floatplane Pilots

Updated February 4, 2016

Researchers at ISER and the Alaska Department of Natural Resources are surveying floatplane pilots, to collect information that will help state and federal resource managers protect remote lakes and streams from invasive plants.

Learn more about this survey.

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