Learn about the Forum on Alaska’s Fiscal and Economic Future

To help Alaskans better understand the big budget problems the state government faces, Alaska Common Ground and ISER hosted a public forum on September 19. The forum introduced a new budget-balancing game, and it included a group of Alaskans presenting their own budget proposals, other Alaskans discussing potential economic effects of reduced state spending, and a panel of policymakers talking about factors that will influence future budget decisions.

Forum handouts
Alaska’s Fiscal Situation in Four Graphs (PDF, 484KB)

Brad Keithley’s “Sustainable Budget Proposal” (PDF, 140KB)
Gary Wilken’s “Everyone Helps a Little: A Five-Year Fiscal Plan” (PDF, 132KB)
John Havelock’s “The Hat Trick” (PDF, 114KB)
Liz Medicine Crow’s “Progress Will Come by Investing in Our Own” (PDF, 129KB)

Watch forum videos courtesy of 360 North and Alaska Public Media.

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