Lunchtime Talk: Tradable Emissions Permits to Reduce Pollution: How Might Methods of Allocating Permits Affect Investment Decisions?

Many countries are now using emissions-trading schemes as a policy to reduce pollution cost-effectively. But what incentives do tradable-permit markets offer companies to make investments in advanced pollution-abatement technology? Timothy Cason, the Rasmuson Chair of Economics at UAA this semester, and a colleague from the UK recently investigated that question through experimental economics.

The researchers used a laboratory experiment to assess how two methods of allocating tradable permits—auctioning permits or grandfathering them—might affect businesses’ decisions about investing in new technology to reduce pollution. Please join us at ISER to learn what they found.

When: Thursday, December, 1, 12 to 1
Where: ISER conference room,
Third Floor, 1901 Bragaw Street, Suite 301

Those who can’t attend in person can stream the talk live at:

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