Learn About Canada, the United States, and the Arctic: A History of Cooperation and Prospects for the Future

Podcasts are now available of presentations by Whitney Lackenbauer of the University of Waterloo in Ontario  at UAA on March 27. He is one of Canada’s leading scholars on contemporary Arctic sovereignty and security issues. At ISER he discussed Canadian and American perceptions about the Arctic since the 19th century, and suggested approaches for Canada-U.S. collaboration in the 21st century. Later he participated in an afternoon roundtable discussion led by Willie Hensley, UAA’s Visiting Distinguished Professor of Business and Public Policy, in the UAA Commons. Dr. Lackenbauer’s visit was made possible by a partnership between the Canadian Consulate and UAA.

ISER talk (74:28min, 68MB)

Roundtable discussion (101:19min, 93MB)

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