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Econ 210 Environmental Econ & Policy
Econ 435 Natural Resource Economics
New Stuff:
Benefits and Costs to Rural Alaska Households from a Carbon Fee-and-Dividend Program - Final Report
August 2015

Selected past presentations
Effect of Carbon Fee and Dividend Policy on Rural Alaska Households
Tufts University Arctic Warming IV, April 2015 (22 MB)
Seizing opportunities for energy efficiency: How are we doing?
Rural Energy Conference, Anchorage, May 2013
Using Ecosystem Service Values to Inform Coastal Policy Decisions: A California Experiment with Lessons for Alaska
   Talk, AK Costal Rainforest Symposium, April 19, 2012

Energy Use in PCE Communities: The Big (Efficiency) Picture
   Rural Energy Conference, Juneau, September 2011

Healthy Ecosystems and Healthy Economies: Lessons from Alaska
   Talk, Dartmouth College, IGERT Polar Systems Seminar Series, November 2010
Adapting to Climate Change: Five Economic Ideas
   Talk, Climate Change Adaptation Workshop, Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, February 2010

Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends: Basic Income from the "Peoples' Portfolio"
   Talk, Voz Alternativa, Mexico City, November 2007

Economic Benefits of Anchorage Parks
  Talk, 26 Jan 2007

Alaska Economic Snapshot (ppt 8 MB)
  Talk for AFN Leadership Conference July 2006

Five Almost-Practical Ideas for Alaska Energy Policy
   Panel discussion at Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference, 2 Feb 2006

Nuclear Power for Remote Alaska Locations
   Lunch talk to Alaska Association of Environmental Professionals, October 2005
Economic Importance of Wilderness in Alaska, in the Very Long Run
World Wilderness Congress, October 2005
Economic Benefits of Protecting Healthy Ecosystems
Keynote talk, Denali Citizens' Council, April 2005
Energy for Alaska's Future
  October 2004 - Introduction to Campbell Creek Science Center Fireside chat on Alaska energy use
Re-tooling PCE for the 21st Century
  2004 Rural Energy Conference. Talkeetna.
Geospatial coding and mapping of expenditure data from the Alaska Visitor Statistics Program
   Presented to Alaska Recreation and Park Association Wildland Research Rendezvous. April 2003.

Thinking about Alaska's Remote Economies

Native Corporations Update 1993-2001
Both of the above for the March 2003 Village Management Institute, Sheldon Jackson College, Sitka
Tourism and Alaska's Future: An Economics Perpsective
Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference, February 2003
Conversions: Energy Supply Chains in Rural Alaska
Rural Alaska Energy Conference, Fairbanks, AK. September 2002.
Salmon Fish Traps in Alaska: Some Historical Perspectives
Options for Restructuring the Salmon Industry Workshop, 28 October 2002 (full paper)
Oceans, Watersheds, and People
Alaska Oceans and Watersheds Symposium, 17 June 2002
The ANCSA Regional Corporations: Mature, and Growing
  Presented to Alaska Bar Association CLE Conference, Native Law section, October 2000

Selected Past Papers
most recent papers are at
Colt, S. 2010. Avoided Cost from Campbell Creek Land Preservation. Prepared for Great Land Trust.

Dugan, D., Griego, H., Fay, G., Colt, S. 2009.  Nature-Based Tourism in Southeast Alaska Final Report. March.

Colt, S., Dugan, D., Fay, G. 2007. The Regional Economy of Southeast Alaska. Final Report. March.

Colt, S. The Economic Importance of ANILCA to Alaska's Economy. DISCUSSION DRAFT. July 2005.

Colt, S., Goldsmith, S., Wiita, A. 2003. Sustainable Utilities in Rural Alaska. Final Report, prepared for USDA Rural Development and Alaska Science and Technology Foundation. (Overview Report about 40 pp) (Full report about 180 pp)
Colt, S. 2003. Fiscal and Economic Analysis of Homer Town Square Proposed Development Alternatives
Prepared for Kachemak Heritage Land Trust. April.

Colt, S., Gunnar Knapp, and Jeffrey Griffin. 2002. Incremental Cost Analysis: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wild Salmonid Diversity in Kamchatka, Russia. Prepared for United Nations Development Program / Global Environment Facility.

Colt, S. 2001. WEVS: The Wind Energy Valuation Spreadsheet, Technical Notes and Spreadsheet Model.  Prepared for Alaska Energy Authority.

Colt, S., Martin, S., Mieren, J., and Tomeo, M. 2001. Recreation and Tourism in South-Central Alaska: Patterns and Prospects. USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, PNW-GTR-551.

Colt, S. 2001. Alaska Natives and the New Harpoon: Economic Analysis of the ANCSA Regional Corporations. (This is the Longer version of the paper submitted to Society and Natural Resources, now under review).

Colt, S. 2001. Economic Importance of Healthy Alaska Ecosystems Prepared for Alaska Conservation Foundation.
(research summary)

Colt, S. 2000. Wind Electric Power Systems for Rural Alaska: Initial Screening Analysis.  Prepared for Alaska Energy Authority.

Colt, S. 2000. Cost Analysis of Selected Flush Haul Water and Wastewater Systems in Rural Alaska.  Prepared for Alaska Native Health Board.

Hill, A., and Colt, S. 2000. Existing and Potential Local Contributions To Village Safe Water Projects. Prepared for Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Facilities Construction and Operation.

Colt, S. 1999. A Simple “Fiscal Outlook” Model for Rural Alaska Communities. Prepared for Northwest Arctic Borough.

Colt, S. 1999.  Salmon Fish Traps in Alaska: An Economic History Perspective. ISER Working paper 99.

Colt, S. 1994. Operations and Maintenance Issues in Rural Alaska Sanitation. Prepared for U.S. EPA Region 10.

My Dissertation (circa 1999)
Essay #1: Group-Based Asset Transfers and Economic Development: Some Results from Alaska's Native Corporations 
Essay #2: Exploring Variation in the Economic Performance of Alaska Native Regional Corporations
Essay #3: Indian Gaming and Indian Welfare