Pictures of Japanese Herring Roe
Products and Processing

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About this Presentation

Herring roe processor

Salting tanks for roe

Draining brine from roe

Workers sorting roes

Workers sorting roes

Packaging machines

Roes graded by color

Sorting machine

Trimming imperfect roes

Plastic garnishes for packages

Packing roes

Packaging machinery

Kazunoko gift packs

Finished product at wholesale

Box in wholesale market

Salted kazunoko in retail store

Herring roe gift package

Gift package with herring roe

Sushi bar with kazunoko

Retail packs of seasoned roe

Packaged roe on kelp

Seasoned “Ajitsuke” kazunoko

Migaki nishin - herring carcasses

Author: Gunnar Knapp

Email: afgpk@UAA.ALASKA.EDU

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This presentation provides pictures of Japanese herring roe processing and products which I took during a trip to Japan in the fall of 1998.

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