Matt Reimer

Assistant Professor of Economics


Research: Natural resource economics; fisheries policy evaluation; bioeconomic modeling.

  • University of California-Davis, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Ph.D., 2012
  • University of Calgary, Economics, B.A. (first class honors), 2008

2013-present Assistant Professor of Economics, Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage.
2016-present Adjunct Faculty, Fisheries, Aquatic Science and Technology Laboratory, Alaska Pacific University.
2013-present Member, Scientific and Statistical Committee, North Pacific Fishery Management Council.
2017-present Member, Scientific Panel, North Pacific Research Board.
2017-present Member, Social Science Planning Team, North Pacific Fishery Management Council.
2012 Pre-Doctoral Researcher, Center for Environmental Economics and Sustainability Policy, Arizona State University.

Matt Reimer is an Assistant Professor at ISER. His research focuses on the interactions between natural and human systems with an emphasis on understanding how institutions affect human behavior and the implications for managing resources. His recent research includes: exploring changes in fishing practices and bycatch prompted by the introduction of new regulatory structures in North Pacific fisheries; exploring the drivers of fishing community dynamics in Alaska; assessing the economic impacts of marine protected areas; conducting field experiments to examine the role of institutions for small-scale fishery management in rural Tanzania; and designing decision support tools for adaptive management strategies. Matt also serves on the Science and Statistical Committee for the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council, which provides scientific advice to the Council on the policy and management decisions it must make. When he’s not working, Matt enjoys numerous outdoor activities such as mountain and road biking, skiing, and trail running.

Recent Publications:
  • Reimer, M.N., Haynie, A. (2018) “Mechanisms Matter for Evaluating the Economic Impacts of Marine Reserves.” Forthcoming in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.
  • MacColl, S., Onyango, P., Reimer, M.N., Stopnitzky, Y. (2018) “Unintended Consequences of Enforcement in a Cooperative Institution: Experimental Evidence from Tanzanian Fishers.” Forthcoming in Ocean and Coastal Management.
  • Bair, L.S., Yackulic, C.B., Springborn, M.R., Reimer, M.N., Bond, C.B., Coggins, L.G. (2018) Identifying Cost-Effective Invasive Species Control to Enhance Endangered Species Populations in the Grand Canyon, USA.” Biological Conservation, 220, 12-18.
  • Schoen, E., Wipfli, M., Trammel, J., Rinella, D., Floyd, A., Grunblatt J., McCarthy, M., Meyer, B., Morton, J., Powell, J., Prakash, A., Reimer, M.N., Stuefer, S., Toniolo, H., Wells, B., Witmer F. (2017) “Future of Pacific Salmon in the Face of Change: Lessons from One of the Few Remaining Productive Salmon Regions.” Fisheries, 42(10), 538-553.
  • Reimer, M.N., Guettabi, M., Tanaka, C. (2017) “Short-Run Impacts of a Severance Tax Change: Evidence from Alaska.” Energy Policy, 107, 448-458.
  • Reimer, M.N., Abbott, J.K., Wilen, J.E. (2017) “Fisheries Production: Spatial Choice, Management Institutions, and the Quest for Policy Invariance.” Marine Resource Economics, 32(2), 143-168.
  • Reimer, M.N. Abbott, J.K., Haynie, A.C. (2017) “Empirical Models of Fisheries Production: Conflating Technology with Incentives?” Marine Resource Economics, 32(2), 169-190.
Working Papers:
  • Addicott, E., Kroetz, K., Reimer, M.N., Sanchirico, J.N., Lew, D.K., Huetteman, J. “Identifying the Potential for Cross-Fishery Spillovers: A Network Analysis of Alaskan Permitting Patterns.” Under review.
  • Watson, B., Guettabi, M., and Reimer, M.N.  “Behavioral Effects of a Cash Transfer: Evidence from the World’s Only Continuous Universal Income Program.” Under review.
Ongoing Research:
  • “Socioeconomic Impacts of Fisheries Management Changes: Connecting Fishery Policies to Fishing Portfolios.” North Pacific Research Board. PI: Matthew Reimer, Co-PIs: Kailin Kroetz (Resources for the Future), James Sanchirico (University of California Davis), Daniel Lew (NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center), $308,528. 2017-2020.
  • “Changing the Paradigm of Halibut Management in Alaska.” NOAA Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program. PI: Courtney Carothers (University of Alaska Fairbanks), Co-PI: Matthew Reimer. $296,984. 2016- 2018.
  • “Reducing the Prohibited Species Catch of Pacific Halibut: A Prospective Analysis of Fleet Behavior in the North Pacific Groundfish Fisheries.” North Pacific Research Board. PI: Matthew Reimer, Co-PIs: Joshua Abbott (Arizona State University), Alan Haynie (NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center), $236,685. 2016- 2019.
  • “Applied Decision Methods for the Glen Canyon Adaptive Management Program.” Southwest Biological Science Center of the U.S. Geological Survey. PI: Matthew Reimer. $61,500. 2015- 2018.
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Curriculum Vitae: Matt Reimer's Vita (PDF, 304KB)

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