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ID: 265
Wedding U.S. Law to Eskimo Tradition
Arthur Hippler, Stephen Conn
3 pp.
in Juris Doctor, pp. 40-44
ID: 255
Effects of Nonverbal Warmth on the Learning of Eskimo and White Students
Judith Kleinfeld
2 pp.
in Journal of Social Psychology, pp. 3-9
ID: 251
Increasing the College Success of Alaska Natives
Judith Kleinfeld
5 pp.
in Journal of American Indian Education, pp. 27-31
ID: 238
Toward Alaska's Future
Victor Fischer
December 1973
18 pp.
Delivery at Mining Seminar
ID: 234
Classroom Climate and the Verbal Participation of Indian and Eskimo Students in Integrated Classrooms
Judith Kleinfeld
in Journal of Educational Research, Volume 67, No.2.pp. 51-52
ID: 231
Intellectual Strengths in Culturally Different Groups: An Eskimo Illustration
Judith Kleinfeld
19 pp.
in Review of Educational Research, pp. 341-359
ID: 205
Politics and Management: The Problem of Limited Entry
Thomas Morehouse, Jack Hession
28 pp.
in Alaska Fisheries Policy, pp. 279-331
ID: 197
Marine Education in Alaska: Supply and Demand Considerations
Arlon Tussing
20 pp.
in Alaska Fisheries Policy (ISER), pp. 447-467
ID: 157
Economic Consequences of a Land Claims Settlement
Arlon Tussing
12 pp.
in Alaska Natives and the Land, pp. 321-331 (Federal Field Committee for Development Planning in Alaska)
ID: 95
Party Politics or Protest Politics: Current Political Trends in Alaska
George Rogers
8 pp.
Polar Record, pp. 445-458
ID: 80
Alaska's Native Population as an Emerging Political Force
George Rogers
March 1968
Inter Nord, pp. 148-150
ID: 76
Rampart Projection: A Review of Final Report of U.S. Department of the Interior
George Rogers
March 1968
4 pp.
Inter Nord, pp. 145-147
ID: 65
Remarks on Eskimo Sealing and the Harp Seal Controversy
Don Charles Foote
December 1967
3 pp.
Arctic, pp. 267-270
ID: 64
Alaska's Native Population and Employment Prospects
George Rogers
March 1967
9 pp.
Inter Nord, pp. 154-161
ID: 37
Alaska Air Pollution: The Nature of Ice Fog and Its Development and Settlement Implications
George Rogers
February 1966
Proceedings of Alaska Science Conference, pp. 233-245
ID: 23
Immediate Economic and Social Problems: A Survey
George Rogers
March 1965
pp. 247-255 in Inter Nord
ID: 30
Alaska and the Arctic, the Changing West: Implications for Higher Education
George Rogers
February 1965
8 pp.
Papers, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Symposium, pp. 5-11
ID: 1703
Economic Effects of an Ocean Acidification Catastrophe
Steve Colt, Gunnar Knapp
In American Economic Review, 106(5): 615-19. 2016
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Results 201 - 218 of 218

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.