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ID: 1422
Modeling the Economic Impacts of OCS Petroleum Development in Rural Alaska
Gunnar Knapp and Lee Huskey
Gunnar Knapp and Lee Huskey, "Modeling the Economic Impacts of OCS Petroleum Development in Rural Alaska," in Sally Yarie, ed., Proceedings of the Alaska Symposium on the Social, Economic, and Cultural Impacts of Natural Resource Development, Anchorage, Alaska, August 1982 (Department of Conferences and Institutes, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 1983.
ID: 1387
Commentary - Alaska Development Policy
Scott Goldsmith
Scott Goldsmith, "Commentary - Alaska Development Policy," in the Future of Alaska: A Commentary on a Delphi Perspective, eds. Eschenbach and Geistauts, Alaska Pacific University Press, 1986.
ID: 1424
Allocation in the Management of Alaska's Fisheries
Gunnar Knapp
May 1985
Anadromous Fish Law Memo, Natural Resources Law Institute, Lewis and Clark Law School, Issue 29, May 1985.
ID: 680
Sustainable Level of Economic Activity in Alaska
Scott Goldsmith
February 1985
35 pp.
Presented at Western Regional Science Association Annual Meeting
ID: 1423
Challenges to Socioeconomic Impact Modeling: Lessons from the Alaska OCS Program
Gunnar Knapp, with Larry Leistritz, Robert Close, Brenda Ekstrom, Lee Huskey, Steve Murdock, and Michael Scott
in Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 21 (1985), pages 301-319.
ID: 654
Import Substitution in Frontier Regions
Lee Huskey
June 1984
26 pp.
ID: 1388
State Government Fiscal Policy and the Balanced Budget Multiplier
Scott Goldsmith
March 1984
Scott Goldsmith, "State Government Fiscal Policy and the Balanced Budget Multiplier," Annals of Regional Science, Vol. XVIII, No. 1 (March 1984).
ID: 1451
Renewable Resources
Matthew Berman
Matthew Berman, "Renewable Resources," in T. Morehouse, ed., Alaska Resources Development, Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1984, pp. 105-33.
ID: 660
Regions and Resources: Strategies for Development
David Kresge, Daniel Seiver, Scott Goldsmith, and Michael Scott
257 pp.
(MIT Press)
ID: 653
Fish, Wildlife, Pipeline: Some Perspectives On Protection
Thomas A. Morehouse
9 pp.
in Northern Engineer, Summer 1984
ID: 626
Economic Constraints to Development in a Remote Region
Scott Goldsmith
in Journal of the Human Environment, pp. 256-259

Scott Goldsmith, "Economic Constraints to Development in a Remote Region," AMBIO, Vol. XIII, No. 4 (1984), reprinted in Queensland Geographer, No. 1 (May 1986).
ID: 619
Science, Policy, and Politics: The Case of the Alaska Council on Science and Technology
Thomas A. Morehouse
in Northern Engineer, pp. 24-30
ID: 581
Why the OPEC Bubble Burst
Arlon R. Tussing
May 1983
10 pp.
in Medical Economics, pp. 160-177
ID: 600
Potential Constraints on the Development of Alaska Petroleum Resources
Scott Goldsmith
March 1983
15 pp.
Presented at Conference on Energy Development in the Western United States. Denver, Colorado
ID: 590
First Do No Harm: A Reply to Courtney Cazden
Judith Kleinfeld
4 pp.
in Anthropology and Education Quarterly, Winter 1983, pp. 282-287
ID: 1450
Land Management Planning for the National Forests in Texas
Matthew Berman
May 1980
Matthew Berman, "Land Management Planning for the National Forests in Texas," Public Affairs Comment, XXVII, No. 3, May 1980.
ID: 1389
The Optimal Savings Question: An Alberta Perspective, Comment
Scott Goldsmith
March 1980
Scott Goldsmith, "The Optimal Savings Question: An Alberta Perspective, Comment," Canadian Public Policy (March 1980).
ID: 458
Alaska's North Slope Borough: Oil, Money, and Eskimo Self-Government
Thomas A. Morehouse and Linda Leask
January 1980
11 pp.
in Polar Record, pp. 19-29
ID: 658
Alaska Resources Development: Issues of the 1980s
Thomas A. Morehouse, Ed.
5 pp.
at the Anchorage Newspapers in 1982 and 1983
ID: 1390
A State Personal Income Tax Simulation Model
Scott Goldsmith
March 1979
Scott Goldsmith, "A State Personal Income Tax Simulation Model," Annals of Regional Science, Vol. XIII, No. 1 (March 1979).
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Results 161 - 180 of 208

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.

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