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ID: 1045
Challenges and Strategies for the Alaska Salmon Industry
Gunnar Knapp
April 2002
118 pp.
ID: 1354
Alaska Demographic, Economic, and Social Trends
Scott Goldsmith
November 2001
22 pp.
ID: 1162
Alaska's Unique Economic Structure and Fiscal Challenges
Scott Goldsmith
53 pp.
ID: 968
Alaska Sustainable Gross State Product
Eric Larson
July 1999
20 pp.
presented at "Can the Last Frontier Have A Sustainable Future" Conference Anchorage, Alaska
ID: 935
Bridging the Great Divide: Creating a Subject-Matter Grounded Methods Course for Pre-service and Social Studies Teachers
G. Williamson McDiarmid, Peter Vinten-Joansen
(presented at annual meeting, American Historical Society)
ID: 875
Economic Forecasting in a Remote Northern Region: Lessons from Alaska
Scott Goldsmith
June 1994
22 pp.
presented at First Alaska-Japan Regional Forum on the North Pacific, Niigata, Japan
ID: 878
Testimony on SJR 38 "The Cremo Plan"
Scott Goldsmith
January 1994
6 pp.
Before the Alaska Senate State Affairs Committee
ID: 1301
ANCSA and Rural Alaska: An Economic Reality Check
Steve Colt
April 1993
8 pp.
Remarks presented to Commonwealth North
ID: 810
Economic Cost of a Rent-Induced Business Cycle: Alaska Petrodollar Boom
Scott Goldsmith
February 1991
37 pp.
Presented at Annual Meeting of the Western Regional Science Association Monterey, California
ID: 780
Alaska State Government Spending Since 1979: Tracing The Growth
Scott Goldsmith
July 1990
39 pp.
presented at Annual Meeting of the Western Economic Association, San Diego, California.
ID: 764
Five Observations on the Permanent Fund
Scott Goldsmith
January 1989
8 pp.
Presented to the Future of the Permanent Fund Forum House of Representatives Committee on State Affairs
ID: 736
Maximizing Benefits from Publicly Owned Depletable Resource Rents
Scott Goldsmith
February 1987
24 pp.
Presented at Western Regional Science Association Annual Meeting Kona, Hawaii
ID: 724
Changing Parameters of Frontier Economic Development
Lee Huskey
February 1987
25 pp.
presented at the Western Regional Science Association Annual Meeting 1987
ID: 636
Comments on the 1980 and 1990 Census in Alaska
John Kruse
July 1984
13 pp.
ID: 631
Governing Schools in Culturally Different Communities: Effects of Decentralization in Rural Alaska
G. Williamson McDiarmid
May 1984
281 pp.
A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Education of Harvard University
ID: 616
Canada's Natural Gas Export Outlook: Farewell to Seller's Market
Arlon Tussing
February 1983
11 pp.
at the Financial Post Conference on Natural-Gas Exports: Pricing, Delivery and Markets Toronto.
ID: 560
Small Community Impacts of Development
George Rogers
November 1982
11 pp.
Paper presented at West Coast Offshore oil and Gas: Expectations and Opportunities Environmental Panel. Ministry of Energy and Petroleum Resources, Vancouver, B.C.
ID: 556
Survival Strategy for Gas Pipelines in the Post-OPEC Era
Arlon Tussing, Connie Barlow
September 1982
17 pp.
For The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America
ID: 508
Rise and Fall of Regulations in the Natural Gas Industry
Arlon Tussing
November 1981
52 pp.
Presented at the Third Annual North American Meeting International Association of Energy Economists
ID: 512
Oil and Gas Resources, Economics of Ocean Resources
Arlon Tussing
September 1981
12 pp.
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Results 101 - 120 of 142

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.