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ID: 456
Coincidence of Rural Development and Major Resource Development
Lee Huskey
September 1980
14 pp.
Presented at American Association for the Advancement of Science-Alaska Section 1980 Conference
ID: 489
Impact of Energy Development on the North Slope Eskimo
John A. Kruse
April 1980
15 pp.
for Pacific Sociological Association Meetings San Francisco
ID: 474
Oil and Gas Consumption: Present and Projected
Scott Goldsmith, Kristine O'Connor
January 1980
26 pp.
ID: 469
Thinking About Alaska's Financial Future
Scott Goldsmith
January 1980
40 pp.
Prepared for the House Finance Committee Alaska State Legislature
ID: 451
Economics of Energy Development and Transportation
Arlon Tussing
May 1979
6 pp.
in Alaskan Energy Potential and Constraints to Development, pp. 25-44
ID: 400
Structural Change in the Alaskan Economy: The Alyeska Experience
Scott Goldsmith, Lee Huskey
August 1978
59 pp.
Paper presented at 29th Alaska Science Conference
ID: 394
Fiscal Planning and the Long-Run Growth Pattern of Resource-Based Open Economies
Scott Goldsmith
June 1978
54 pp.
Presented at Western Economic Association Annual Meetings Kona, Hawaii
ID: 410
Congestion at Recreation Sites: Some Alternative Solutions
Lee Huskey
May 1978
21 pp.
Presented at the 1978 meeting of the Western Economic Association
ID: 408
Finiteness of Petroleum Resources: History and Mythology
Arlon Tussing
May 1978
18 pp.
For the May 1978 Energy Futures Conference sponsored by the California Energy Commission in Sacramento
ID: 397
Alaska Economic Forecast, 1978
Daniel Seiver
January 1978
50 pp.
presented at Captain Cook Hotel
ID: 345
Fiscal Options and the Growth of the Alaskan Economy
Scott Goldsmith
May 1977
60 pp.
Presented at The Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference
ID: 330
Future Electricity Requirements in Alaska
Scott Goldsmith
June 1976
31 pp.
Presented at the Western Economic Association Annual Meeting San Francisco, California 1976
ID: 249
Price of Petroleum
Arlon Tussing
September 1974
in Conference Board Record, pp. 12-14
ID: 227
Alaska's Economy: The Next Ten Years
Arlon Tussing
November 1973
13 pp.
To Alaska Press Club, Forty Niners Awards Banquet
ID: 233
Alaskan Attitudes Toward Nature
George Rogers
October 1973
14 pp.
presented at American Studies Association Fourth Biennial Convention. San Francisco
ID: 211
Comments on the Joint State-Federal Land-Use Planning Commission
Arlon Tussing
August 1972
8 pp.
in Science in Alaska, pp. 191-195
ID: 208
Cross-Cultural Education and the Economic Situation: The Greenland and Alaska Cases
George Rogers
40 pp.
in The Economic Situation in the North, pp. 124-210
ID: 168
Processes and Costs Imposed by Environmental Stress
Arlon Tussing
December 1971
34 pp.
Presentation at Symposium on Polar Deserts AAAS Committee on Arid Lands
ID: 74
Institutionalizing Local Government: The Problem of Boroughs in Alaska
Thomas Morehouse
August 1968
14 pp.
Presented at the 19th Alaskan Science Conference
ID: 36
Middle North As Future
George Rogers
April 1966
8 pp.
Presented to Symposium on the Middle North
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Results 121 - 140 of 142

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.