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ID: 1180
Graduates of Alaska's Teacher Preparation Programs-Where Are They Now?
Alexandra Hill
March 2007
17 pp.
A presentation.
ID: 616
Canada's Natural Gas Export Outlook: Farewell to Seller's Market
Arlon Tussing
February 1983
11 pp.
at the Financial Post Conference on Natural-Gas Exports: Pricing, Delivery and Markets Toronto.
ID: 508
Rise and Fall of Regulations in the Natural Gas Industry
Arlon Tussing
November 1981
52 pp.
Presented at the Third Annual North American Meeting International Association of Energy Economists
ID: 512
Oil and Gas Resources, Economics of Ocean Resources
Arlon Tussing
September 1981
12 pp.
ID: 451
Economics of Energy Development and Transportation
Arlon Tussing
May 1979
6 pp.
in Alaskan Energy Potential and Constraints to Development, pp. 25-44
ID: 408
Finiteness of Petroleum Resources: History and Mythology
Arlon Tussing
May 1978
18 pp.
For the May 1978 Energy Futures Conference sponsored by the California Energy Commission in Sacramento
ID: 249
Price of Petroleum
Arlon Tussing
September 1974
in Conference Board Record, pp. 12-14
ID: 227
Alaska's Economy: The Next Ten Years
Arlon Tussing
November 1973
13 pp.
To Alaska Press Club, Forty Niners Awards Banquet
ID: 211
Comments on the Joint State-Federal Land-Use Planning Commission
Arlon Tussing
August 1972
8 pp.
in Science in Alaska, pp. 191-195
ID: 168
Processes and Costs Imposed by Environmental Stress
Arlon Tussing
December 1971
34 pp.
Presentation at Symposium on Polar Deserts AAAS Committee on Arid Lands
ID: 556
Survival Strategy for Gas Pipelines in the Post-OPEC Era
Arlon Tussing, Connie Barlow
September 1982
17 pp.
For The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America
ID: 397
Alaska Economic Forecast, 1978
Daniel Seiver
January 1978
50 pp.
presented at Captain Cook Hotel
ID: 1605
Statewide articulation inventory
Dayna DeFeo
March 2015
Talk given to the University of Alaska Transition Coalition; Anchorage, AK.
ID: 1604
Statewide articulation inventory
Dayna DeFeo
March 2015
Talk given to the University of Alaska Workforce Development Committee; Anchorage, AK.
ID: 1603
From productivity to process: The flipped writing group
Dayna DeFeo
February 2015
Talk given to Psychology Department faculty at the University of Alaska Anchorage; Anchorage, AK
ID: 1602
Conducting faculty and student research: Identifying and designing executable and publishable research projects
Dayna DeFeo
January 2015
Workshop delivered to faculty and staff at Ilisagvik College; Barrow, Alaska
ID: 1613
Will they stay, or will they go? Teacher perceptions of working conditions in rural Alaska
Diane Hirshberg, Alexandra Hill, Craig Kasemodel
June 2014
1 pp.
Poster, a CAEPR Publication
ID: 968
Alaska Sustainable Gross State Product
Eric Larson
July 1999
20 pp.
presented at "Can the Last Frontier Have A Sustainable Future" Conference Anchorage, Alaska
ID: 1173
Alaska Salmon Management Economic, Social, Political Complexity
Fran Ulmer
February 2007
74 pp.
a presentation
ID: 1141
Polar Politics: The Marriage of Scientists, Stakeholders and Policymakers, a presentation
Fran Ulmer
May 2006
24 pp.
presentation to ARCUS May 2006
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Results 1 - 20 of 142

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.