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ID: 1722
Chapter 6 Vegetation
Teresa Hollingsworth, Tara Barrett, Elizabeth Bella, Matthew Berman, Matthew Carlson, Paul Clark, Robert DeVelice, Greg Hayward, John Lundquist, Dawn Magness, Tobias Schworer
In Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the Chugach National Forest and the Kenai Peninsula, eds. Gregory Hayward, Steve Colt, Monica McTeague, Teresa Hollingsworth. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-950. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 340 p. May 2017
ID: 1717
Measuring Community Adaptive and Transformative Capacity in the Arctic Context
Matthew Berman, Gary Kofinas, Shauna BurnSilver
Published as Chapter 6 in Northern Sustainabilities: Understanding and Addressing Change in the Circumpolar World, Gail Fondahl and Gary N. Wilson, eds., Springer International Publishing, Inc.: Cham, Switzerland, 2017, pp. 59-75
ID: 1661
Are Mixed Economies Persistent or Transitional? Evidence Using Social Networks from Arctic Alaska
Shauna BurnSilver, James Magdanz, Rhian Stotts, Matthew Berman, Gary Kofinas
January 2016
9 pp.
Copyright 2016 American Anthropological Association
ID: 1576
Suicide Among Young Alaska Native Men: Community Risk Factors and Alcohol Control
Matthew Berman
April 2014
7 pp.
Published in American Journal of Public Health
ID: 1473
Arctic Observing Network Social Indicators Project: Overview
Jack Kruse, Marie Lowe, Sharman Haley, Ginny Fay, Larry Hamilton, Matthew Berman
March 2011
Polar Geography, 34 (1-2), Special Issue: Social Indicators for Observing Arctic Change (March-June 2011): 1-8.
ID: 1472
Next steps toward an Arctic human dimensions observing system
Matthew Berman
March 2011
Polar Geography, 34 (1-2), Special Issue: Social Indicators for Observing Arctic Change (March-June 2011): 123-141.
ID: 1471
Moving or staying for the best part of life: Theory and evidence for the role of subsistence in migration and well-being of Arctic Inupiat residents
Matthew Berman
March 2009
Polar Geography, 32 (1-2) (March 2009): 3-16.
ID: 1470
Local Amenities, Unobserved Quality, and Market Clearing: Adjusting Teacher Compensation to Provide Equal Education Opportunities
Bradford Tuck, Matthew Berman, Alexandra Hill
Economics of Education Review, 28 (1): 58-66 (2009).
ID: 1469
The Political Economy of Oil in Alaska: Multinationals versus the State
Jerry McBeath, Matthew Berman, Jonathan Rosenberg, Mary Ehrlander
Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, Colorado, 2008.
ID: 1468
Endangered species, threatened fisheries: Science to the rescue! Evaluating the Congressionally designated Steller Sea Lion Research Program
Matthew Berman
Marine Policy, 32 (2008) 580-591.
ID: 1467
Modeling Spatial Choice in Ocean Fisheries
Matthew Berman
Marine Resource Economics, 21: 387-406 (2006).
ID: 1466
Discounting and Amenity Values in Ecosystem Restoration
Matthew Berman, Rashid Sumaila
Marine Resource Economics, 21(2): 211-219 (2006).
ID: 1464
Polar Systems
F. Stuart Chapin, Matthew Berman, Terry Callaghan, Anne-Sophie Crepin, Kjell Danell, Bruce Forbes, Gary Kofinas, Anthony McGuire, Mark Nuttall, Caleb Pungowiyi, Oran Young, Sergei Zimov
December 2005
Chapter 25 in Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Current State and Trends, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Volume 1, Findings of the Conditions and Trends Working Group (Washington, D.C.: Island Press).
ID: 1465
A Research Plan for the Study of Rapid Change, Resilience and Vulnerability in Social-Ecological Systems of the Arctic
Gary Kofinas, Bruce Forbes, Fikret Berkes, Matthew Berman, Hugh Beach, Terry Chapin, Yvon Csonka, Kjell Danell, Tamara Semenova, Joe Tetlichi, Oran Young, Dawn Magness
June 2005
CPR Digest of the International Association for the Study of Common Property (6-7); Research Plan of Working Group #10, of ICARP-2, Copenhagen, November 2005.
ID: 1114
Economic Development Through State Ownership of Oil and Gas: Evaluating Alaska's Royalty-In-Kind Program
Matthew Berman
February 2005
26 pp.
International Journal of Global Energy Issues, 26(1-2), 83:105 (2006).
ID: 1407
Flight Safety in Alaska: Comparing attitudes and practices of high- and low-risk air carriers
George Conway, Nicole Mode, Matt Berman, Stephanie Martin, Alexandra Hill
George Conway, Nicole Mode, Matt Berman, Stephanie Martin, and Alexandra Hill. 2005. "Flight Safety in Alaska: Comparing attitudes and practices of high- and low-risk air carriers," in Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine. 76 (1) January.
ID: 1463
Modeling Sustainability of Arctic Communities: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration of Researchers and Local Knowledge Holders
Jack Kruse, R. G. White, H.E. Epstein, B. Archie, Matthew Berman, S. R. Braund, F. S. Chapin III, J. Charlie Sr., C. J. Daniel, J. Eamer, N. Flanders, B. Griffith, Sharman Haley, Lee Huskey, S. James,
December 2004
Ecosystems, 7(8): 815-828 (December 2004).
ID: 1462
Survey of Air Transportation Safety Among Air Carrier Operators and Pilots in Alaska
George Conway, Alexandra Hill, Stephanie Martin, Matthew Berman, Nicolle Mode, Diana Bensyl, Jan Manwaring, Katherine Moran
November 2004
Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine 75:984-991 (November 2004).
ID: 1107
Alaska Air Carrier Operator and Pilot Safety Practices and Attitudes. A Statewide Survey
Alexandra Hill, Stephanie Martin, Matthew Berman
November 2004
8 pp.
Printed in Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine. 75 (11) November.
ID: 1103
Technology and managed care: patient benefits of telemedicine in a rural health care network
Matthew Berman, Andrea Fenaughty
June 2004
15 pp.
Health Economics, 14(6) (June 2005): 559-573.
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Results 1 - 20 of 43

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.