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ID: 1599
Economic Risks to Alaska Communities from Ocean Acidification
Steve Colt
December 2014
21 pp.
Prepared for Ocean Acidification Symposium, Anchorage, December 2, 2014
ID: 1598
Seizing Opportunities for Energy Efficiency: How Are we Doing
Steve Colt
May 2013
16 pp.
Presented at the 2013 Rural Energy Conference - Anchorage
ID: 1213
Climate Change: Some Basic Economics
Steve Colt
May 2008
20 pp.
ID: 1202
State of the Data: Migration, Fuel Costs, Community Viability
Steve Colt, Joan Kane
February 2008
ID: 1128
Energy Flow in Alaska, a presentation
Steve Colt
September 2005
22 pp.
ID: 1108
Integrated Village Energy Systems for Remote Alaska (presentation)
Steve Colt, Steve Gilbert
September 2004
35 pp.
ID: 1039
Conversions: Rural Alaska Energy Supply Chains
Steve Colt
September 2002
24 pp.
presented to Rural Alaska Energy Conference Sept. 2002
ID: 1040
Oceans, Watersheds, and People
Steve Colt, Henry Huntington
June 2002
41 pp.
presented to the Alaska Oceans and Watersheds
ID: 1301
ANCSA and Rural Alaska: An Economic Reality Check
Steve Colt
April 1993
8 pp.
Remarks presented to Commonwealth North
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Results 1 - 9 of 9

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.