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ID: 687
Southeast Alaska Regional Economy and Communities: Evolution and Structure
George Rogers
November 1985
84 pp.
ID: 560
Small Community Impacts of Development
George Rogers
November 1982
11 pp.
Paper presented at West Coast Offshore oil and Gas: Expectations and Opportunities Environmental Panel. Ministry of Energy and Petroleum Resources, Vancouver, B.C.
ID: 1272
The Economic Importance of Commercial Fishing in Southeastern Alaska Region
George Rogers, Donna Mayer
February 1982
108 pp.
ID: 528
Economic and Political Impact Issues in Alaska
George W. Rogers
August 1982
7 pp.
For Alaska Symposium on Social, Economic and Cultural Impacts of Natural Resource Development
ID: 545
Economics and the Southeast Alaska Region
George W. Rogers
April 1982
17 pp.
For Forest Practices Training Project, Interagency Session Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Klawock, Alaska
ID: 482
Limited Entry in the Alaska and British Columbia Salmon Fisheries
Thomas A. Morehouse and George W. Rogers
May 1980
295 pp.
ID: 478
Measuring the Socioeconomic Impacts of Alaska's Fisheries
George W. Rogers, Richard F. Listowski, and Donna Mayer
April 1980
172 pp.
ID: 486
Socioeconomic Analysis for Fishery Areas and Census Division
George W. Rogers
January 1980
248 pp.
For the Limited Entry Study Committee
ID: 462
Alaskan Experience with Limited Entry
George W. Rogers
58 pp.
ID: 434
Critique of The Arthur D. Little, Inc. Analysis and Recommendations for State Policy and Directions for Developing a Bottomfish Industry for Alaska
George W. Rogers
April 1979
52 pp.
ID: 358
Development of an Alaskan Bottomfish Industry and State Taxes
George W. Rogers
November 1977
67 pp.
ID: 347
Tongass Land Management Plan: Socioeconomic Plan of Study
George W. Rogers and Ronald Glass
October 1977
6 pp.
For u.s.d.a.-forest service-alaska region
ID: 353
Transporting Natural Gas from the Arctic: The Alternative Systems
Walter I. Mead with George W. Rogers and Rufus Z. Smith
111 pp.
ID: 343
Issues in Alaska Development
David T. Kresge, Thomas A. Morehouse, and George W. Rogers
223 pp.
(University of Washington Press)
ID: 334
Offshore Lands and Resources
George W. Rogers
April 1976
in Proceedings of Alaska Land Symposium, pp. 45-48
ID: 306
Economic Analysis of the Pribilof Islands, 1870-1946
George W. Rogers
March 1976
226 pp.
ID: 313
Alaska Pipeline: Social and Economic Effects of Trans-Alaska Pipeline
George W. Rogers
February 1976
18 pp.
For American Association for the Advancement Of Sciences Annual Meeting
ID: 314
Alaskan Fishing Community and Socioeconomic History of Alaska Salmon Fishery
George W. Rogers
January 1976
21 pp.
ID: 260
Man-in-the-Arctic Program: Economic and Environmental Policies
George W. Rogers
June 1974
43 pp.
ID: 252
Offshore Oil and Gas Developments in Alaska: Impacts and Conflicts
George W. Rogers
in Polar Record, pp. 255-275
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Results 1 - 20 of 85

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.

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