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ID: 1739
SQORD in ASD: 2 years of evidence
Mouhcine Guettabi
October 2017
67 pp.
Presentation for 2017 Alaska School Health and Wellness Institute (AKSHWI)
ID: 1738
Alaska's Economy: How should we interpret the data?
Mouhcine Guettabi
October 2017
ID: 1734
Alaska's Economy: Then and Now
Mouhcine Guettabi
October 2017
ID: 1727
A Regional Assessment of Borough Government Finances and Employment
Mouhcine Guettabi
June 2017
30 pp.
Prepared with support from Northrim Bank, University of Alaska Strategic Investment Funds, GCI
ID: 1723
Short-run impacts of a severance tax change: Evidence from Alaska
Matthew Reimer, Mouhcine Guettabi, and Chloe Tanaka
May 2017
In Energy Policy 107 (2017)
Available for download at UAA consortium library.
ID: 1698
What do we know about the Alaska economy and where is it heading?
Mouhcine Guettabi
January 2017
48 pp.
Presented to the 2017 Alaska Legislature
ID: 1691
Alaska Snapshot: What's Happened to the Alaska Economy Since Oil Prices Dropped?
Mouhcine Guettabi
November 2016
6 pp.
ID: 1680
What are the Implications of the Fiscal Options?
Mouhcine Guettabi
October 2016
13 pp.
Presented at forum: Fiscally Alaskan: Moving Toward Solutions
Sponsored by Alaska Common Ground and
UAA College of Business and Public Policy
Anchorage, Alaska, October 1, 2016
ID: 1677
Evaluating Differences in Household Subsistence Harvest Patterns between the Ambler Project and Non-Project Zones
Mouhcine Guettabi, Joshua Greenberg, Joseph Little, and Kyle Joly
August 2016
58 pp.
ID: 1675
Overpaid or Underpaid? Public Employee Compensation in the State of Alaska
Mouhcine Guettabi and Matthew Berman
July 2016
94 pp.
ID: 1672
SQORD in ASD (a short overview)
Mouhcine Guettabi
May 2016
41 pp.
Preliminary findings from year 1
ID: 1671
What do we know and where are we heading? An Assessment of the Alaska Economy
Mouhcine Guettabi
May 2016
42 pp.
Presented to Credit Union 1
ID: 1666
Short-Run Economic Impacts of Alaska Fiscal Options
Gunnar Knapp, Matthew Berman, and Mouhcine Guettabi
March 2016
96 pp.
ID: 1630
Alaska Veterans Needs Assessment
Mouhcine Guettabi, Rosyland Frazier
October 2015
98 pp.
Prepared for:
Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Alaska Office of Veterans Affairs
ID: 1647
Policy Implications of Freestanding Emergency Departments
Mouhcine Guettabi and Rosyland Frazier
May 2015
11 pp.
Public Comments for Certificate of Need,
Emergency Department Expansion
ID: 1625
What role can regional economics plan in addressing health questions?
Mouhcine Guettabi
February 2015
26 pp.
Presentation given on 2/16/2015 at the UAA Campus Bookstore
ID: 1624
What does the future hold for Alaska: Fiscal Planning in the face of uncertainty
Mouhcine Guettabi
February 2015
33 pp.
Presentation given on 2/5/2015 to Alaska Purchasing Managers
ID: 1623
Public Health Research in Alaska: Applying Quality Research and Evaluation to Alaska's Public Health Challenges
Mouhcine Guettabi
January 2015
18 pp.
Key Note Speaker at the 32nd Alaska Health Summit on January 28th, 2015
ID: 1597
2015 Alaska's Construction Spending Forecast Presentation
Mouhcine Guettabi and John MacKinnon
January 2015
38 pp.
Presented in Anchorage, AK on Jan 29, 2015
Presented in Fairbanks, AK on Jan 30, 2015
ID: 1641
The Determinants of Small Business Success in Alaska: A Focus on the Creative Class
Mouhcine Guettabi
10 pp.
Published in Economic Development Journal, Volume 14, Number 2
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Results 1 - 20 of 30

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.

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