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ID: 1606
Kids Count Alaska 2013-2014
Virgene Hanna, Rosyland Frazier, John Wheeler, Kent Spiers, Daniel Kirby, Meg Mielke, Linda Leask, Clemencia Amaya-Merrill
March 2015
56 pp.
ID: 1592
Trends in Age, Gender, and Ethnicity Among Children in Foster Care in Alaska
Diwakar Vadapalli, Virgene Hanna, Jessica Passini
December 2014
23 pp.
ID: 1559
Potential Improvements to National Park Service Visitor Surveys and Money Generation Modeling in Alaska
Fay, Ginny, Steve Colt and Virgene Hanna
December 2013
58 pp.
Suggested citation: Fay, Ginny, Steve Colt and Virgene Hanna, 2013, Potential Improvements to National Park Service Visitor Surveys and Money Generation Modeling in Alaska, University of Alaska Anchorage, Institute of Social and Economic Research, prepared for the National Park Service, Alaska Director's Office and National Park Conservation Association, Alaska Office, 58 pages.
ID: 1548
Webnote 15. Trends in Allegations and Investigations of Child Abuse and Neglect in Alaska
Diwakar Vadapalli and Virgene Hanna
August 2013
11 pp.
ID: 1531
Toward Universal Broadband in Rural Alaska
Heather E. Hudson, Virgene Hanna, Alexandra Hill, Khristy Parker, Suzanne Sharp, Kent Spiers, Kyle Wark
November 2012
74 pp.
Support for this research came from Connect Alaska with funding from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for the work of the State of Alaska Broadband Task Force, with additional support from GCI.
ID: 1525
Kids Count Alaska 2011-2012
Virgene Hanna, Irina Ikatova, Patricia DeRoche, Kent Spiers, Darla Siver, Lily Sloth, Erin Johnson
October 2012
54 pp.
ID: 1668
Food System Assessment
Virgene Hanna, Rosyland Frazier, Khristy Parker, Irina Ikatova
September 2012
92 pp.
Prepared for Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Obesity Prevention and Control Program
ID: 1348
Kids Count Alaska 2009-2010
Virgene Hanna, Irma Schreiner, Patricia DeRoche, Irina Ikatova, Erin Trimble
February 2011
60 pp.
ID: 1335
Kids Count Alaska: A Program Overview (Presentation)
Virgene Hanna
February 2011
27 pp.
ISER's Lunchtime (Brownbag) Series presented on February 23, 2011
ID: 1442
How will climate change alter fishery governance? Insights from seven international case studies
Gunnar Knapp, Alistair McIlgorm, Susan Hanna, Pascal Le Floc'H, Frank Millerd and Minling Pan
January 2010
in Marine Policy 34 (January 2010) 170-177.
ID: 1328
Kids Count Alaska 2008
Virgene Hanna, Linda Leask, Claudia Lampman, Irma Schreiner, Pat DeRoche
May 2009
ID: 1254
Nature Based Tourism in Southeast Alaska ISER Working Paper 2009.1
Darcy Dugan, Ginny Fay, Hannah Griego, Steve Colt
March 2009
101 pp.
ID: 1234
Kids Count Alaska 2006-2007
Virgene Hanna, Claudia Lampman, et al
August 2008
53 pp.
ID: 1246
Southeast Rural Outreach Programs and Education Business Survey
Virgene Hanna, Ann Marbourg
June 2008
21 pp.
ID: 1197
Understanding Barriers to Health Insurance of Uninsured and Sporadically Insured Alaskans
Rosyland Frazier, Virgene Hanna, Meghan Wilson
April 2007
ID: 1183
Kids Count Alaska 2005
Virgene Hanna, Claudia Lampman, et al.
March 2007
ID: 1181
Survey of Living Conditions In The Arctic: What Did We Learn?
Jack Kruse, Birger Poppel, Larissa Abrytina, Gerard Duhaime, Stephanie Martin, Mariekatherine Poppel, Margaret Kruse, Ed Ward, Patricia Cochrane, and Virgene Hanna
March 2007
4 pp.
A research summary
Also printed in Valerie Moller, Denis Huschka and Alex Michalos (eds). Barometers of Quality of Life Around the Globe: How Are We Doing? New York: Springer Verlag, 107-134.
ID: 1188
Kids Count Alaska 2004
Virgene Hanna, Claudia Lampman, et al.
ID: 1187
Kids Count Alaska 2003
Virgene Hanna, Claudia Lampman, et al.
ID: 1186
Kids Count Alaska 2002
Virgene Hanna, Claudia Lampman, et al.
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Results 1 - 20 of 30

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.

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