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ID: 1714
The Cost of Teacher Turnover in Alaska
Dayna Jean DeFeo, Trang Tran, Diane Hirshberg, Dale Cope and Pam Cravez
March 2017
38 pp.
ID: 1693
Pathways to College Preparatory Advanced Academic Offerings in the Anchorage School District
Rosyland Frazier and Diane Hirshberg
October 2016
30 pp.
Prepared for CITC's Anchorage Realizing Indigenous Student Excellence
ID: 1643
Salary & Benefits Schedule and Teacher Tenure Study
Diane Hirshberg, Matthew Berman, Dayna Jean DeFeo, Alexandra Hill
November 2015
34 pp.
A report prepared for the Alaska Department of Administration by the Center for Alaska Education Policy Research
ID: 1613
Will they stay, or will they go? Teacher perceptions of working conditions in rural Alaska
Diane Hirshberg, Alexandra Hill, Craig Kasemodel
June 2014
1 pp.
Poster, a CAEPR Publication
ID: 1612
Alaska career pathways: A baseline analysis
Dayna Jean DeFeo, Sue Fallon, Diane Hirshberg, Cathy LeCompte
June 2014
42 pp.
A CAEPR Publication
ID: 1580
Alaska Native-Focused Teacher Preparation Programs
Audrey Leary, Bernice Tetpon, Diane Hirshberg, Lexi Hill
June 2014
4 pp.
ID: 1614
Alaska Teacher Turnover, Supply, and Demand: 2013 Highlights
Alexandra Hill and Diane Hirshberg
June 2013
4 pp.
A CAEPR Publication
ID: 1617
Why Aren't They Teaching? A study of why some University of Alaska teacher education graduates aren't in classrooms
Donna Gail Shaw, Diane Hirshberg, Alexandra Hill
January 2013
12 pp.
A CAEPR Publication
ID: 1615
Alternative Certification: A Research Brief
Diane Hirshberg
October 2011
4 pp.
A CAEPR Publication
ID: 1324
An Exploration of Experiences and Outcomes of Alaska Native Graduates of Mt. Edgecumbe High School
Brit DelMoral, Diane Hirshberg
April 2009
70 pp.
ID: 1222
Turnover Among Alaska Teachers: Is It Changing?
Alexandra Hill, Diane Hirshberg,
July 2008
2 pp.
ID: 1208
Recent Graduates of Mt. Edgecumbe: Why Did They Attend and How Has It Affected Their Lives?
Diane Hirshberg, Brit Delmoral
April 2008
43 pp.
ID: 1207
Alaska Native Graduates of UAA: What Can They Tell Us?
Diane Erickson and Diane Hirshberg
March 2008
4 pp.
ID: 1248
"It was bad or it was good:" Alaska Natives in Past Boarding Schools
Diane Hirshberg
25 pp.
Appears in the Journal of American Indian Education, Arizona State University, Tempe Vol. 47, Number 3, 2008, pgs 5-30
We are unable to distribute a published journal article. This article is however, based on an ISER publication which you will find linked below.
ID: 1158
Alaska Civic Learning Assesment Project: Final Report and Policy Brief
Letitia Fickel, Barbara Hood, Diane Hirshberg, Alexandra Hill
November 2006
60 pp.
ID: 1143
Turnover Among Alaska's Teachers: How Many Leave Their Jobs? Research Summary No.66
Diane Hirshberg, Alexandra Hill
April 2006
4 pp.
Research Summary No. 66
ID: 1142
Alaska Teacher Supply and Demand Update
Diane Hirshberg, Alexandra Hill
April 2006
35 pp.
prepared for Alaska Teacher Placement
ID: 1125
Thirty Years Later: The Long-Term Effect of Boarding Schools on Alaska Natives and Their Communities
Diane Hirshberg, Suzanne Sharp
September 2005
47 pp.
ID: 1400
Which low-income parents select child-care? Family demand and neighborhood organizations
Diane Hirshberg, D. Huang, B. Fuller
Diane Hirshberg, D. Huang, B. Fuller. (2005). "Which low-income parents select child-care? Family demand and neighborhood organizations," Children and Youth Services Review. 27, (10), 1071-1162.
ID: 1399
Bounding the case within its context: A constructivist approach to studying detracking reform
A. S. Wells, Diane Hirshberg, N. Lipton, and J. Oakes
A. S. Wells, Diane Hirshberg, N. Lipton, and J. Oakes. (2002). "Bounding the case within its context: A constructivist approach to studying detracking reform". In Huberman, A. M. and Miles, M. B. (eds.), The Qualitative Researcher's Companion: Classic and Contemporary Readings. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
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Results 1 - 20 of 22

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.

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