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ID: 1639
Resource Revenues and Fiscal Sustainability: Lessons of the Alaska Disconnect
Gunnar Knapp
8 pp.
Published in Economic Development Journal, Volume 14, Number 2
ID: 1620
Alaskan fishing community revenues and the stabilizing role of fishing portfolios
Suresh Sethi, Matthew Reimer, Gunnar Knapp
September 2014
8 pp.
"Alaskan fishing community revenues and the stabilizing role of fishing portfolios," in Marine Policy, September 2014
ID: 1339
Local Permit Ownership in Alaska Salmon Fisheries
Gunnar Knapp
September 2011
8 pp.
This is an article in Marine Policy, September 2011 issue (Volume 35, Number 5, pages 658-666).
ID: 1445
The Political Economics of United States Marine Aquaculture
Gunnar Knapp
October 2010
prepared for the proceedings of the UJNR Scientific Symposium, The Present and Future of the Aquaculture Industry, Kagoshima, Japan, October 26, 2010.
ID: 1443
Voluntary Approaches to Transitioning from Competitive Fisheries to Rights-Based Management: Bringing the Field into the Lab
Gunnar Knapp, James Murphy
April 2010
in Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 39/2 (April 2010) 245-261.
ID: 1442
How will climate change alter fishery governance? Insights from seven international case studies
Gunnar Knapp, Alistair McIlgorm, Susan Hanna, Pascal Le Floc'H, Frank Millerd, Minling Pan
January 2010
in Marine Policy 34 (January 2010) 170-177.
ID: 1444
The Future of Aquaculture: Insights from Economic Theory
Gunnar Knapp
in Le Francois, Nathalie, Malcolm Jobling, Chris Carter, and Pierre Blier, eds., Finfish Aquaculture: Species Selection for Diversification. CAB International. 2010.
ID: 1441
Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Commercial Salmon Fisheries: Challenges and Opportunities
Gunnar Knapp
in Charles C. Krueger and Christian E. Zimmerman, eds., Pacific Salmon: Ecology and Management of Western Alaska's Populations. American Fisheries Society, 2009.
ID: 1440
The Chignik Salmon Cooperative
Gunnar Knapp
in R. Townsend, R. Shotton, and H. Uchida, (eds). Case studies in fisheries self-governance. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper. No. 504. Rome, FAO. 2008.
ID: 1439
Implications of Aquaculture for Wild Fisheries: The Case of Alaska Wild Salmon
Gunnar Knapp
May 2007
in Richard Arthur and Jochen Nierentz, eds., Global Trade Conference on Aquaculture, 29-31 May 2007, Qingdao, China. FAO Fisheries Proceedings 9. Rome, FAO. 2007.
ID: 1438
Globalization and Aquaculture: Challenges, Opportunities, and Questions for the Smoked Seafood Industry
Gunnar Knapp
March 2007
in Donald E. Kramer and Liz Brown, editors, International Smoked Seafood Conference Proceedings, March 5-7, 2007, Anchorage, Alaska, Alaska Sea Grant College Program, University of Alaska Fairbanks, AK-SG-08-02.
ID: 1437
The Great Salmon Run: Competition Between Wild and Farmed Salmon
Gunnar Knapp, Cathy Roheim, James Anderson
January 2007
335 pp.
Prepared for TRAFFIC North America. Washington, D.C.: World Wildlife Fund, January 2007.
ID: 1436
Agent-Based Modeling of the Bristol Bay Drift Gillnet Salmon Fishery
Gunnar Knapp, Brandon Chasco, Ray Hilborn
April 2006
in Alaska Salmon Program, Alaska Salmon Research 2005, SAFS-UW-0602. Seattle, University of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, April 2006.
ID: 1435
Fundamental Issues in the Salmon Farming Debate
Gunnar Knapp
July 2004
Gunnar Knapp, "Fundamental Issues in the Salmon Farming Debate," in Proceedings of the 2004 Meeting of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, Tokyo, Japan, July 2004 (Corvallis, Oregon, International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade).
ID: 1433
Markets for Canned Salmon
Gunnar Knapp, Trond Bjorndal
March 2003
Gunnar Knapp, with Trond Bjorndal, "Marknader for hermetisk laks" (Markets for Canned Salmon). Norsk fiskeoppdrett (Norwegian Aquaculture). Volume 28, Number 6 (March 2003).
ID: 1434
Salmon - A Study of Global Supply and Demand
Gunnar Knapp, Trond Bjorndal, Audun Lem
151 pp.
Gunnar Knapp, with Trond Bjorndal and Audun Lem, Salmon-A Study of Global Supply and Demand. FAO/GLOBEFISH Research Programme, Vol. 73. Rome, FAO 2003, 151 pages.
ID: 1027
Technology and Property Rights in Fisheries Management
Gunnar Knapp, Daniel Huppert
24 pp.
Not available for distribution. Published in The Technology of Property Rights, eds. Terry L. Anderson and Peter J. Hill. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc. Lanham, Maryland. 2001.
ID: 997
The Wild Salmon Industry: Five Predictions for the Future
Gunnar Knapp
September 2000
11 pp.
Gunnar Knapp, "The Wild Salmon Industry: Five Predictions for the Future," Proceedings for Salmon Summit 2000, Helsingor, Denmark, September 21-22, 2000.
ID: 1431
Ecology, Economics, Politics, and the Alaska Forest Industry
Gunnar Knapp
July 2000
for Workshop on Technology and Utilization Opportunities, Sitka, Alaska, September 27, 1999. Published in Proceedings: Linking Healthy Forests and Communities through Alaska Value-Added Forest Products, GEN. TECH. REP. PNW-GTR-500. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. July 2000.
ID: 1005
Changing Markets for Alaska Roe Herring
Gunnar Knapp
February 2000
36 pp.
Appears in Herring: Expectations for A New Millennium. Proceedings of Symposium, February 23-26, 2000, Anchorage, Alaska. Fritz Funk, et al. eds. University of Alaska Sea Grant College Program, AK-SG-01-04, 2001.
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Results 1 - 20 of 38

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.