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ID: 1722
Chapter 6 Vegetation
Teresa Hollingsworth, Tara Barrett, Elizabeth Bella, Matthew Berman, Matthew Carlson, Paul Clark, Robert L. DeVelice, Greg Hayward, John Lundquist, Dawn Magness, and Tobias Schworer
In Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the Chugach National Forest and the Kenai Peninsula, eds. Gregory Hayward, Steve Colt, Monica McTeague, Teresa Hollingsworth. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-950. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 340 p. May 2017
ID: 1707
Transitions of social-ecological subsistence systems in the Arctic
Per Fauchald, Vera Helene Hausner, Jennifer Irene Schmidt, Douglas A. Clark
55 pp.
International Journal of the Commons
Vol. 11, no 1 2017, pp. xx-xx
Publisher: Uopen Journals
DOI: 10.18352/ijc.698
Copyright: content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
ISSN: 1875-0281
ID: 1543
Analysis of Alaska Transportation Sectors to Assess Energy Use and Impacts of Price Shocks and Climate Change Legislation
Ginny Fay, Tobias Schwoerer, Mouhcine Guettabi, Jeffrey Armagost
April 2013
94 pp.
ID: 1349
Social Indicators for Arctic Mining
Sharman Haley, Nick Szymoniak, Matthew Klick, Andrew Crow, Tobias Schwoerer
May 2011
50 pp.
ID: 1331
Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Inventory From Transportation UAA
Alejandra Villalobos-Melendez, Sarah Christine Gerd, Ginny Fay
January 2011
22 pp.
ID: 1307
UAA Inventory: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation
Nick Szymoniak, Kelcie Ralph, Steve Colt
February 2010
12 pp.
ID: 1442
How will climate change alter fishery governance? Insights from seven international case studies
Gunnar Knapp, Alistair McIlgorm, Susan Hanna, Pascal Le Floc'H, Frank Millerd and Minling Pan
January 2010
in Marine Policy 34 (January 2010) 170-177.
ID: 1227
Webnote 4. Replacement Cost for Public Infrastructure in Alaska: An Update
Scott Goldsmith and Mark Foster
July 2008
3 pp.
ID: 1213
Climate Change: Some Basic Economics
Steve Colt
May 2008
20 pp.
ID: 1209
Comments on the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act and Lieberman-Warner proposed legislation
Steve Colt
April 2008
8 pp.
ID: 1748
Principles for Managing Fisheries to Facilitate Adaptation to Uncertain Effects of Climate Change
Gunnar Knapp
3 pp.
In International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET) 2008 Meeting, Nha Trang, Vietnam
ID: 1379
Estimating Future Cost for Alaska Public Infrastructure at Risk from Climate Change
Scott Goldsmith with Peter Larson
Scott Goldsmith, "Estimating Future Cost for Alaska Public Infrastructure at Risk from Climate Change", with Peter Larson et al., Global Environmental Change, Spring 2008.
ID: 1226
Analysis of National Greenhouse Gas Control Legislation on Alaska Energy Prices and Consumer Costs
Steve Colt, Scott Goldsmith, Peter Larsen
July 2007
7 pp.
ID: 1191
Estimating Future Costs for Alaska Public Infrastructure At Risk from Climate Change
Peter Larsen, Scott Goldsmith, Meghan Wilson, Orson Smith, Ken Strzepek, Paul Chinowsky, Ben Saylor
June 2007
108 pp.
ID: 1190
How Much Might Climate Change Add to Future Costs for Public Infrastructure?
Peter Larsen, Scott Goldsmith
June 2007
8 pp.
ID: 976
Human Effects of Climate-Related Changes in Alaska Commercial Fisheries
Gunnar Knapp
November 1999
20 pp.
in Gunter Weller and Patricia A. Anderson, eds., Assessing the Consequences of Climate Change for Alaska and the Bering Sea Region, Proceedings of a Workshop at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, October 29-30, 1998. University of Alaska Fairbanks, Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research, November 1999.
ID: 975
Climate Change and Alaska's Forests: People, Problems, and Policies
Matthew Berman, Glenn Juday, and Roger Burnside
November 1999
39 pp.
in Assessing the Consequences of Climate Change for Alaska and the Bering Sea Region. (Gunter Weller and Patricia A. Anderson eds.) Proceedings of a Workshop at University of Alaska Fairbanks. Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research, University of Alaska Fairbanks, November 1999.
ID: 907
Rural Alaska Hydroelectric Assessment: Stage 2 Economic Evaluation of Hydroelectric Projects in Atka, Hoonah, Old Harbor, and Unalaska
Steve Colt
July 1997
26 pp.
ID: 1271
Cost Effectiveness Analysis of the Home Energy Rebate Program and the Low-Income Weatherization Program
Steve Colt
May 1994
6 pp.
ID: 1267
Alaska's Low-Income Weatherization Program: Three Papers
Steve Colt
May 1994
53 pp.
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Results 1 - 20 of 64

Note: Publications online here are available for downloading at no charge.

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