What is the Survey About?

The Alaska Division of Elections has hired ISER to find out what registered voters think about different methods of voting. The state government is considering options for how Alaskans vote in the future, because the current voting equipment is 20 years old and will need to be replaced in the next few years. The survey describes different voting methods and asks voters about their experiences with such methods and their thoughts and concerns about them. The survey does not ask voters who they voted for in the past or who they plan to vote for in the future.

The survey is starting with rural voters in Southwest Alaska. In mid-February we mailed a letter to a scientifically-selected sample of people, taken from the list of registered voters, who will represent rural voters in Southwest Alaska. In early March we mailed postcards to this same group. Both the letter and the postcard include a link to the online survey, so respondents have the choice of completing the survey electronically.

But we recognize that many people won't be able to to complete the survey online. Our interviewers are now calling people in the survey sample, to conduct interviews over the phone. Alternatively, people who got the letter but haven't been called for an interview can also call us, toll-free, at 1-833-786-6777, to be interviewed.

Survey consent form (PDF, 115KB)